The bushcraft tour Experience

The best way to experience New Zealand !

21 Day South Island Bushcraft Tour

Here we have the freedom to practice every aspect of bush craft and survival you could desire.

  • open fires
  • rainforest navigation
  • shooting
  • bow hunting
  • stalking
  • game preparation
  • fishing
  • trapping
  • foraging
  • traditional Maori survival
  • and so much more.

All held in pristine temperate rain forest conditions where the trees are unique and distant relations to the ancient podocarp forests when the continents were still joined. We helicopter into the middle of 1.2 million hectares of untouched 100% Pure New Zealand wilderness. ie pure enough to drink the water straight from the streams.
Depending on skill level we move along game trails, set up camps, build open fires, track, hunt, forage and navigate our way back to civilisation. You are under supervision for the first few days but will also have the opportunity to spend 2 days and 1 night by yourself if you wish.
We try and make as close to a real a survival situation as you could get but with tuition along the way so you can not only put into practice your current skills but learn new ones along the way.


Survival Scenario 1 HELICOPTER CRASH

Our first Scenario is that the Helicopter crashes with you and your gear, radio is out and the pilot is dead:

  • First Aid – Using Native Remedies- Plant identification.
  • Gear Check – Axe (helicopters have one)Everything is useful.
  • Camp-Shelters, Tarpology, Fire Lighting, Camp Craft and Bush Craft.
  • SOS-Search and rescue procedures—Signal signs and devices.
  • Explore local hunting and tracking. Best time to hunt are morning s and evening we should get a chance to hunt most days along with fishing, foraging and navigation.
  • Day 4 You are now told it’s 2 weeks after your crash. Search has been called off. Stay put or time to move? Time to move – Rainforest Navigation.
  • Find Hunters Hut -You made stage 1
  • Day 5 At the hut we will have a free day. Go fly fishing, hunting , deer butchery, eeling, trapping possums and yabbies .

This is a real life scenario as these newspaper articles show:-

Deer and possums (and most mammals) were introduced to NZ and regarded as pests by the Department of Conservation and can be controlled or removed all year round. Permits are required but will be organised by us. All animals removed will be consumed nothing goes to waste. Access meat or antlers can be flown out. We can even vacuum pack it and you can take it home.
Before the course commences all participants will be shown how to shoot a rifle at the range and have a bow shooting lesson. If you have a UK fire arms licence this is transferable at the airport in NZ you are welcome to bring your own weapon. If you don’t no problem you will be accompanied by your own hunting guide on your hunts. Bow hunters you’re on your own after your first guided hunt.

Survival Scenario 2 SHIP-WRECKED

Ship wrecked –This follows on from the Heli crash scenario as we have the use of zodiacs to access the coast from the hunters hut.

  • Free diving for crayfish, paua (abalone) and kina (sea urchin)
  • Spear fishing – Making a Hawaiian sling
  • Fishing – fish hooks line and nets
  • Making cordage, bags etc. from flax
  • Coastal Foraging
  • Cave Shelter accommodation as used by the Maoris
  • Walk out along coast 2 days hunt and fish .Visit a hut in cave.
  • River Crossings, River Hydrology and Pack Swims. This is NZ biggest killer in the outdoors.
  • Last day arrive at Maori Wilderness Lodge for survival party and BBQ. Chance to talk to care takers who live in isolation/off the grid.

Further reading
At end you will be a fully fledged NZ “Mountain Man/woman” and a proper Hunter – Gatherer!!!!

You must be fit enough to carry pack for 2 days and hike up and down 400 m

Beginner to advanced clients all are welcome, can cater for all.

Possibilities (are endless)

The above is just an example and idea, we are capable of doing nearly anything so if there is anything you would like to include or elaborate on, just let us know.The company holds concessions to operate in various places so we’d be happy to tailormake a trip specifically for you.