Hollyford Track

Scenic helicopter flight from Milford Sound, to Martins Bay and the Hollyford Track.

Fiordland Lake McIvor

Remote and adventurous hike on the other side of Lake Te Anau in the heart of Fiordland National Park

Fiordland Mt Titaroa

Views out across Fiordland National Park as we land on the summit of Mount Titaroa and head down to the forest below

Multiday Hikes

We have something for everyone, singles, families and groups

Multiday Overnight Hikes

We have a number of stunning overnight walks, far away from cell phone coverage, roads, people.

Sleeping under the stars in the middle of nowhere with just the trees, water and wind for noise is a great experience. Our most popular trips depart from Te Anau and Fiordland, although we can offer an overnight not too far from Queenstown if time is tight.

The prices are based on you carrying some of the food and your own equipment, however if you prefer to hike lighter then there is an option to use a helicopter to drop off some of the gear, just ask for details.

Weather may restrict some of the walk access so even if it is bad weather on one walk, we often have the option to head somewhere else if needed

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Hollyford Track

Hollyford Track Guided Walk

Our Wilderness Adventure Walk takes place in the foothills of Mt Titiroa nestled high in the Hunter Ranges overlooking Lake Manapouri in Fiordland National Park. Located in the lower south west corner of New Zealand, Fiordland National Park is a World Heritage Area (joining the Taj Mahal and the Grand Canyon as one of the most remarkable places on earth) and this particular part of the park is a true wilderness area into which access is strictly limited.


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Fiordland National Park Lake McIvor

Fiordland Lake McIvor Wilderness Experience

Our Wilderness Adventure Walk begins with a scenic flight high above Lake Te Anau and up over the mountains of Fiordland National Park.

We land by the alpine Lake McIvor high up in the mountains well and truly off the beaten track and away from everyone. This is a true remote wilderness experience where we cook over a camp fire and follow deer trails through ancient forests where moss and lichen hang abundantly from every tree and rock. This particular part of the park is inaccessible and you will be only be one of around 60 people to visit each year

We head downhill, following babbling streams and the forest changes as we get lower, arriving finally at Lake Te Anau where our boat awaits to take us back to Te Anau

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Skippers Canyon and the Shotover River

Skipper Canyon Multiday Back Country Experience

Your experienced pilot will soar above the world famous Shotover River, in the 1860’s branded the world’s richest gold bearing river and drop us deep into Skippers Canyon. Rich in history and gold, and large sweeping landscapes, Skippers Canyon and the surrounding area is huge and extends from behind Queenstown right up to Mount Aspiring National Park and beyond.

We stay in a historic hut used over 100 years ago by miners and explore the area and head towards the headwaters of the Shotover River that flows far below which is also famous further down river for white water rafting and the Shotover Jet.

As we approach the road we meet our 4WD vehicle to take us back out along the 1889 Skippers Dray Road, one of the only roads in New Zealand where rental cars are forbidden due to the difficulty and terrain.


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Custom Overnight Hikes

Want to sleep under the stars, get away from it all and see the real New Zealand. We can arrange custom trips according to your time frame and budget. We offer customised overnight bush walks where we can helicopter to remote back country huts or camp int he middle of Fiordland or even offer longer versions of our day walks if you want a relaxed pace or want to bring the young family too