Why Choose us?

Experience and safety

Fully Guided Hike

By taking a trip with Adventure Walks – you will be with an experienced guide that will have been trained in how to survive in extreme situations and be equipped with the correct safety equipment and emergency beacons. Not only are they knowledgeable in the area and passionate about being there, they will be able to take you to places that even the average New Zealander won’t have the experience or confidence to explore.


Although New Zealand does not have any dangerous animals and there are no poisonous snakes or spiders and very few people; the weather and mountain conditions can be even more dangerous.

Even in the middle of summer, the weather in the mountains can suddenly change and rivers can become swollen and dangerous. There are countless stories of hiking trips where people have gone off for a walk and made wrong choices and ended up in serious trouble. Only recently the sad death on the Milford Track highlights the need to understand and respect the great outdoors.


Access to remote areas

As the areas we explore are remote and often in-accessible, we use helicopters to get there. They are a great way to travel and often our guests first experience in a helicopter. Landing on a river bed or in a grassy clearing (rather than a preformed runway or helipad) is exciting and a great addition to the adventure.

The views from the helicopter are stunning and will give you a great appreciation of how vast, remote and mountainous the terrain is. Once on the ground, we are able to explore dense forests, ever changing rivers and streams and where possible we stop for breaks at look outs and view points. The walks can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be.

Alternative Options available

Anyone that has spent some time in the mountains will know that the weather can (and will) change any time of year. Before heading off, your guide will have researched and obtained a detailed forecast and should conditions look unfavourable, they will be able to discuss the various options available with you. We have a number of different areas we can explore and as weather tends to be localised or coming from one direction, we can make changes to ensure you get the best out your time with Adventure Walks.

The helicopters we use are often involved in rescue missions so quite used to flying in bad weather but we know it’s not ideal flying to the top of a mountain if the weather is going to be bad and you won’t be able to see a thing. That is the beauty of small groups, we can custom and trip to YOUR requirements