What are the benefits of walking? Walking is a healthy way to keep a healthy heart. It is a great way to lose weight as well!

Why should we walk? Walking offers many benefits. Walking burns calories and gets you into shape quickly. It lowers your blood pressure. It raises your metabolism and improves your heart and lungs. It is a wonderful way to move our bodies.

There are many reasons why we should walk. Some studies state that the most common reason we should walk is to keep our hearts strong.

If we do brisk walking for 30 minutes or more every day we can decrease our risks of heart attack and stroke. These heart risks are the result of many things. Tobacco, excess alcohol, and a bad diet are some of the factors.

But even if we don’t smoke, or eat healthy every day we can still have heart risks because our blood circulation is not very good. This makes our hearts beat more quickly than they should.

How can we improve our hearts? Many people believe that if we are obese our hearts will also increase in size. This is not true. But, our arteries will expand because of fats and become narrow. This makes it harder for our hearts to pump blood around our bodies.

The healthier we are, our bodies is able to increase its blood flow and pump blood around our bodies. Our hearts can get bigger because our blood vessels are getting wider and our arteries are more able to receive blood and veins. This is helpful for our hearts. When we walk briskly we can improve our hearts. We can increase our blood flow. If we do this we can better our hearts.

Many people walk for fun. The truth is we should walk for exercise and for health. If you walk for fun we should walk for exercise. But this does not mean that we should walk for only fun.

To get our bodies to work better with exercise we should try to incorporate exercise into our daily life.