New Zealand,

the land made for Adventure Walking


We will show you the way and exactly what to do in order to be the best adventure walker you can be.

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What are adventure walks?

We all know and love to take a walk, it relaxes us and makes us feel more connected with our spiritual side. Have you however tried an even better type of walking? Adventure walking is where you go on a hike or a brisk walk for a destination that is full of adventure. It can be in a mountain, a new city, or a totally new place. What we recommend here at is to really get out there and discover what New Zealand has to offer

Walk Destinations


There are a lot of places to go to for adventure hiking, but some places may be too dangerous, unexciting, or just not worth it at all. So we will tell you exactly the places you should definitely go-to when it comes to adventure walking in New Zealand and where you will get that dopamine high.

What to get

You have to be prepared for the unexpected, so we will make sure that you prepare everything you need for your destination including safety precautions. 

What to do

Every destination has something unique to it. Some destinations are perfect for hiking, others are perfect for fishing. No matter what adventure you have planned, you can rely on us to bring you relevant and up-to-date content. 


Why New Zealand is the best for adventure walks:

Feast your eyes on the beauty of magnificent mountains, beautiful valleys, the rugged coastline and forests.

Adventure walks are for the free souls

free souls

Adventure walks are where you let your child-self roam free to the places your heart wants to go. Unlike the guided walks which have an end and a beginning that’s already planned, adventure walks are not always planned where you can be free to roam wherever you want. You can take hours or even a few minutes. You might find yourself wanting to fish, wanting to sleep, cook a meal, read a book, or share stories with your loved ones. 

Adventure walks can be advanced hikes where you can go anywhere and expect anything that comes your way. Because of the nature of New Zealand, you might see wild fish, rare plants, beautiful scenery, lakes, small animals, or even changes in the weather. We think those irregularities are what make adventure walks really special and liberating.

It’s all about just getting out there and see what happens!

As long as you are fit and prepared, you will be surprised what incredible adventures you can have…

New Zealand,

the land that is made for adventure walks






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