What We Do

Here at adventurewalks.co.nz, we make sure that we post regular content that covers all you need when it comes to adventure walking. You all know that New Zealand has unique weather, so we try to stay on top of that at all times.

We Provide Content

Since we are very experienced at this, we will share with you how to get better faster. If you have never tried or even if you did with a bit of bad luck, then this is the place to go to learn.

We Share Stories

Our stories about the walks we do are fascinating. We always get an encounter or a beautiful spot that no one knows about. So stick around to hear those stories and some unbelievable twists at the end.

We Help You Get Better

In order to have the full experience of adventure walking, you need to learn first. This is what we are here for. We will show you the way and exactly what to do in order to be the best adventure walker you can be.