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I started by myself as an avid adventure walker. I went to every corner you can imagine and literally got lost in some! I’m from New Zealand, but I still managed to lose myself in the mountains, the seas, and the lakes. This is usually where I get my inspiration from. semi-lost in the best scenery, sharing the best experiences, and best nights when I went backpacking.
I’m not saying one should purposely get lost, only that life’s growth often comes when you have strayed from the beaten track. Of course you should prepare yourself beforehand for such a possibility should you find yourself in unfamiliar territory you will know how to find your way back.
Eventually, I met a lot of people who were also interested in adventure walks and we started this website. Every single one of us has had different experiences and encounters that we highly value. The most important thing is that we take those experiences and share what we have learnt with others so they may have an adventure of their own.

Welcome to my blog

We Started

to list our best pieces of advice for people who were interested in adventure walking. Low and behold, a lot of people from all over the country were also doing it and they found our tips to be very helpful. People from other counties also came to our website excited to visit New Zealand for an adventure walk. Our team of writers and adventure walkers is growing by the day and will make sure to repay you by posting the best content here as well as stories from our adventures.


We provide content: Since we are very experienced at this, we will share with you how to get better faster. If you have never tried, or even if you did with a bit of bad luck, then this is the place for you. 

We share stories: Our stories about the walks we do are fascinating. We always seem to encounter a beautiful spot that no one knows about. So stick around to hear those stories and some unbelievable twists at the end.

We help you get better: In order to have the full experience of adventure walking, you need to learn first. This is what we are here for. We will show you the way and exactly what to do in order to be the best adventure walker you can be.

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